BEZY do you love me Challenge

BEZY do you love me Dance Challenge!


Dance, Record, Tag BEZY on Twitter and you could win 100,000 BEZY



The video below shows you how to do the BEZY do you love me dance… loads of people had fun doing the “KIKI do you love me” videos so why not have some fun with the added chance of winning 100,000 BEZY coins!

This is the comedian named Shiggy who started it all… he posted a video of himself dancing to the song on a deserted nighttime street, in a pink sweatsuit. This video went viral.



Upload your video to Twitter and remember to tag BEZY on Twitter

Your Videos will also be uploaded to YouTube and SHARED… YOU and BEZY could go viral!


This is how some people did it!

Let’s thank Drake for this awesome song!