Build a Crypto Bandit

Market your Crypto with an EOT Bandit

If you are the creator of a new cryptocurrency or interested in getting more exposure for your cryptocurrency, then there is a new, unique and exciting marketing opportunity that is offered by EOT Bandit.

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What is a Bandit?

 A bandit is a game of chance where the player has an opportunity to win crypto by spinning the reels.  Below is an example where Bitcoin was integrated into the slot.





  • Every player will get a crypto wallet that will be able to transact in your cryptocurrency as well as in EOT
  • Your crypto logo will be added to the reels of the bandit which creates great brand awareness [See the video again]
  • Players will be able to win your crypto when they spin the bandit
  • Players can add more credits with your cryptocurrency or EOT
  • You can add a banner advertisement to your bandit
  • You can give away free credits to players to promote your bandit and your currency
  • The Bandit features a Progressive Jackpot which is a great way to attract new players
  • Blackjack and other games can be added on request


  • The bandit is a unique way of marketing, it creates excitement and it is a great addition to Airdrops, giveaways and other promotions.
  • You build a database of immediate users of your currency, they have a wallet to send and receive your currency and you can market to this captive audience.
  • In the signup process, you can add users to your email list, thus building your list to which you can send promotional emails to.
  • Your currency gains an immediate use case.
  • Your Bandit will be featured and promoted with other EOT Bandits on the EOT Faucets – with thousands of daily visitors.
  • Your Bandit will be promoted via the weekly EOT Airdrop
  • Your Bandit will be featured on which currently have over 15,000 users and growing – these EOT holders will be able to use their EOT to purchase credits on your bandit, effectively buying some of your currency
  • You can earn your currency as well as EOT with the bandit



You can either host your own bandit or a hosted solution can be provided for you.  Setup time can be within a week depending on your currency and which blockchain it uses.



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