How to find your Faucet Affiliate link

The faucets are easy to click and earn.  There are a few cryptocurrency faucets available, such as BEZY, DOGE, EOT and LITECOIN with more faucets to be added over time.  One of the most exciting things about the faucet is the Affiliate Program. This is a reward program for Faucet users who share their Affiliate links actively, via private messages and emails, social media or websites.  

There are marketing tips and tools available… all you need to do is download, and share!  Start by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page.

Affiliate programs are a great way to earn passive income and as your referral list grows, so does your Crypto wallet balance!

The power of Affiliate Marketing!


So how do you get started?

Well, finding your Affiliate is obviously key.  Follow the diagrams below to find your Faucet Affiliate link and get started building your Crypto Faucet business!

The first step is to register… Once you go to the website, click on the first tab REGISTER.


Add your details to the form to get registered for the Faucet, Wallet and Affiliate Program.


Once registered, click on the Affiliate tab where you will find your Affiliate link, earnings from your referrals and a list of your referrals.

Note that wallets for all the crypto’s represented on the faucet are automatically created once you register.  All your commission will automatically go directly to your respective wallets i.e. EOT to the EOT wallet, BEZY to the BEZY wallet etc.  You will be able to see your wallet history and have the ability to withdraw, transfer and deposit.




Once you have your Affiliate link, check out the tips on how to grow your Crypto Affiliate business.  Good luck, it’s awesome to earn passive income.

“Residual income is passive income that comes in every month whether you show up or not. It’s when you no longer get paid on your personal efforts alone, but you get paid on the efforts of hundreds or even thousands of others and on the efforts of your money! It’s one of the keys to financial freedom and time freedom” Steve Fisher




How to Build your Crypto Affiliate Business with videos

Videos are probably the most powerful tool in the marketing arsenal of the crypto affiliate. People not only love video content but they are usually keen to share a video they like. The other great thing about video content is that there are multiple platforms to share them on.

Making your own videos

Sometimes people think that it is a daunting task to make videos and that you need expensive equipment. Fortunately, there are many success stories of people running Youtube channels with only a smartphone.  If you don’t feel comfortable making your own videos, don’t despair keep on reading, we have you covered.

Ready-made videos

We have created and are consistently creating videos that you can use and share.  Remember to add your affiliate link!

Here are some examples:


Get more EOT Videos Here


Get more BEZY Videos Here

How to get the most out of your videos

The easiest way to get some traffic to your affiliate link is to just share the videos with your affiliate link but if you want to get even more traffic, you can with a little more effort by uploading videos to several social platforms.

The power of YouTube

Not many realise this but YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and can drive a tremendous amount of traffic to your affiliate links.

Start your own YouTube Channel

To start a YouTube channel is easy and free and will really help to create traffic for you as people can subscribe to your channel.

Now you can upload all the videos that we provide to your channel, change the description and add your affiliate link. Start sharing your YouTube videos everywhere.


Once you have downloaded the videos you can now also upload them to your Facebook pages or groups directly and share them with your followers


Twitter is a very popular platform for crypto lovers and yet another great place to upload your videos with your affiliate link. Also remember to add the most popular crypto hashtags e.g. #blockchain #crypto #cryptocurrency #eot etc.

There are many other platforms such as Vimeo, Reddit and Tumblr to which you can share your videos.

So start sharing and see your affiliate traffic and earnings grow exponentially.

Also see: – How to build your crypto affiliate business with MEME’s


How to build your crypto affiliate business with MEME’s

MEME’s can be a very powerful tool in the marketing arsenal of the crypto affiliate.

What is a MEME?

A ‘meme’ is a virally-transmitted cultural symbol or social idea. Most memes are captioned photos that are intended to be funny, often as a way to publicly ridicule human behavior.

The great thing with a MEME is that can be useful to the crypto affiliate for two reasons: it is a worldwide social phenomenon, and memes behave like a mass of infectious flu and cold viruses, traveling from person to person quickly through social media.  Remember to add your affiliate link when you send out your MEME.



Create your own MEME’s

Give it a go… it’s free to create a meme, follow the theme of the image and add your own words.  Try these free websites and get your creative juices flowing:-

  • MEME DAD – A quick and easy meme generator. Free, fast and without watermarks
  • Meme Generator – The Fastest Meme Generator on the Planet. Easily add text to images or memes.
  • Meme Maker – Make funny memes – Pick a popular meme or use your own photos. Works on your mobile phone too!

Ready-made MEME’s to share


EOT MEME Gallery


Where to share your MEME’s

In order to get the most affiliate bang for your buck, or in this case crypto 🙂 –  it would be great if you could make a meme go viral, for that to happen thought you have to make sure it is seen in the first place.

One rapidly growing site where memes are popular is Pinterest. This visual sharing spot is perfect for making images go viral.

Other places you can place your memes include your own blogs and photo sharing sites like Flickr.

However, the most popular places to share viral images is Facebook. A large percentage of people spend time there every day. The site also makes it extremely easy for others to like and share your image.

Twitter is the go-to social network for the crypto community and you should definitely share your MEME’s on twitter.


How to Buy EOT with more than 300 payment methods, including gift cards and bank cards

Now there are more than 300 ways you can use to buy EOT.


The first step is to buy BTC with one of these methods:-


Gift Cards

Purchase a gift card from your local store and exchange here

Cash Deposit

You don’t need an ID or even a bank account, just walk over to your local branch and deposit – Start here

Online Transfers

You can buy from the comfort of your home using an online bank transfer or an online wallet such as PayPal – Start here

Debit / Credit Card

You can also use one of your bank payment cards – Start here



Transfer your BTC to EOT Wallet and purchase EOT.

Now to buy your EOT, you can easily transfer the Bitcoin to your EOT Wallet and then purchase EOT either on the EOT Exchange or on EOT Shop.

Voila! You have now purchased EOT!

More tips to follow shortly…

How to Buy EOT with a debit or credit card

 Many people want to know how they can buy EOT with a payment card and there is a way for people to do this, it requires a process with a few steps.

Open an Account with Changelly

Changelly is a trusted processor of crypto with cards and it is a fairly quick and easy process to open an account. [ Click here ]

Use your card to buy BTC

The next step is to buy Bitcoin with your card

The process is quite simple and takes a few minutes.

  • Go to the home page and select USD or EUR on the left (you have) and BTC [ Bitcoin ]  on the right.
  • Carefully check the rate and the amount you are going to receive.
  • Specify your BTC   wallet address.
  • Once again, check all the payment details, especially the estimated amount you will receive. Go to the next step only if the exchange rate shown is acceptable for you.
  • Your transaction has been created. At this point you may see requirements and limits on buying. These are applied only for the for first several transactions via bank card. Once you’ve read them, click ‘Pay with Mastercard/Visa’. Card processing is made possible by our partners, Indacoin Limited, headquartered in London.
  • Now you’ll be offered to enter your bank card data. Remember that your card should support 3D-secure (verification by phone number).
  • Enter a valid phone number associated with your card.
  • You should promptly receive a phone call. You’ll hear a digital code to enter.
  • Now go to your online bank app and find the bank statement with a three-digit code to specify. It should look like this:
  • If you can’t find the code for some reason, there is an alternative option to record your voice saying ‘Indacoin verification’ and send a picture of yourself and your passport.
  • Once you’ve entered the code or sent your data, wait while your transaction is processed. Within 5-30 minutes, your transaction will be complete and your will receive your cryptocurrency and transaction receipt.

Transfer your BTC to EOT Wallet and purchase EOT

Now to buy your EOT, you can easily transfer the Bitcoin to your EOT Wallet and then purchase EOT either on the EOT Exchange or on EOT Shop.

Voila! – You have now purchased EOT by using your card.

More tips to follow shortly.

How to make money as a Crypto Affiliate


So many people are interested in making money with cryptocurrencies and many try trading with little success [ it is difficult to become a successful trader ] or mining [ which requires a lot of capital ].  One of the best and one that requires zero capital is to become a Crypto Affiliate.

Here is a step-by-step guide to making money today with

Open a free account

Your first step is to open a free account with This takes only a few minutes and you will get crypto wallets for EOT and other coins with which you can send, receive or transfer currency to other users.

Claim from the EOT-Faucet

Your next step is to claim free EOT from the EOT-Faucet [ there are other Faucets as well, just navigate around the page ]

You can claim a free reward every 60 minutes and it will be deposited into your wallet immediately, awesome right? 🙂

You can check your wallet on the History tab.

Now that you have claimed some free EOT [ You can claim once every 60 minutes ], it is time to start introducing others and to earn from their effort.

Get Your Affiliate link and start sharing

Go to the Affiliates tab where you will see your affiliate link as well as affiliate statistics.

You can start by sharing your affiliate links with family, friends, social media, online forums etc.

We have created a range of marketing material which you can use. Just download, add your link and share.

If you go to the EOT Marketing Tab, you will see there are various resources that you can share.

There are Videos, Memes, Quotes to share, Logo’s and an Info gallery.

Start using these. [ More tools and info for other coins are also added all the time ].

Keep an eye on your inbox as we will be sharing more tips on how to become a Crypto Super Affiliate!



How to turn your blog into a bank

Are you a blogger? Looking for a way to monetize your content? Why not turn your blog into a bank.


How to turn your blog into a blockchain bank – Before you start you need to understand the concept of blockchain and we will show you how you can use the EOT blockchain to turn your blog into a bank.


What is a blockchain?

The EOT Blockchain is an immutable record of all EOT transactions, stored on a network of computers thus creating a distributed ledger of all transactions.

How Does the EOT Blockchain Work?

When EOT started a first version of the record in the ledger was created and stored in what is block 1 or otherwise known as the Genesis block.

All information on the blockchain are stored in files which are encrypted, in the world of cryptocurrency, these files are known as wallets.

Every file/wallet has an identifying address on the blockchain called its public key. This key is known and is public information. There is, however, a second key which is called the private key which is only known to the user/owner of that specific EOT Wallet. To send a transaction from a wallet, the owner of that Wallet needs to sign the transaction with a private key. Once the transaction is signed by the valid owner it is recorded.

In the case above, the ownership of the wallet has been verified by the private key but what stops the owner sending a false transaction.

Thus we need a verification process, this is called mining.

We are not going to go into a full explanation of mining in this post but you can read more about it here:  What is the EOT blockchain

What is EOT?

EOT is a fully fledged open source cryptocurrency and is decentralized.  EOT coin has been developed for IoT (Internet of Things) such as devices and applications connected to the internet, and other products to secure and authenticate data. EOT acts as a cryptocurrency while the algorithm is used for cryptography and authenticity.

For more information on EOT

How to add blockchain banking to your blog or website

With the EOT blockchain you can change a website or blog into a crypto bank by allowing users to open EOT wallets, deposit, withdraw and transfer EOT on your website. Seamless peer to peer blockchain payments with no third parties required and no restrictions or borders.

For an example of an EOT Wallet – Click here


If you are a website or blog owner and interested in turning your site into a crypto bank then contact EOT Ventures via email and they will get you started.

Full story from: –

Why an EOT HODL might be a great idea…


Staking or holding a coin is one of the ways for a crypto investor to grow his portfolio while waiting for prices to move. The first 6 months of this year has been slow for growth in crypto prices so what does the crypto investor do in times like these. This is where staking can be a valuable addition to any portfolio.


Why hold EOT?


There are a few reasons why we think this could be a viable strategy and we list them below…

Full story here: –

How collecting free Crypto could make you rich

Back in the day, not so long, long ago when Bitcoin was trading for only a few cents or even a few dollars, some people were scoffing at others who spent time collecting freebies from faucet sites and other giveaways.



Those time wasters don’t seem so dumb now with Bitcoin trading in thousands of dollars and not cents.  If you just accumulated $ 5 of Bitcoin, 7 years ago that would be worth more than $ 4 Million dollars – Not bad.. Especially if you did not have to pay for it.



Is it still possible to make money by collecting free crypto today?

There are no guarantees and you could be wasting your time but if any currency repeat the run that Bitcoin has had, it is more than possible. We don’t advocate spending all hours of the day collecting free crypto but some people do this as a hobby and who knows one day you might just hit the crypto jackpot!

Full story: –